Conversion Group


MECLABS was the first Internet-based research lab to conduct experiments in optimizing the conversion rate of sales and marketing processes. The Conversion Group can apply these breakthrough discoveries in the new science of Cognitive Response Optimization to help you win more sales, capture higher-quality leads, increase your subscription base, and generate a greater amount of page views.

To do this, we use our scientific methodology and testing technology to develop and/or optimize every element of your marketing and sales funnel for maximum financial performance.  Typically, the cost for our services is completely absorbed (many times over) by the gain in profit.

For example, we can apply our research to your individual challenges by conducting a thorough analysis of your focus areas (from e-commerce landing pages to Google campaigns to long-term, complex sales processes).

This analysis is the basis of actionable recommendations that improve your sales and marketing performance.  We then plan and execute a series of microtests to minimize risk while determining the impact of these recommendations.

Beyond just providing recommendations, our team helps you execute every step of the way - from decreasing shopping cart abandonment, to identifying the right people in the right companies for your product, to showing you how to optimize each element of your sales and marketing process for maximum conversion.

Throughout the process, we measure and track results to determine their impact on your ROI and ensure our scientific principles directly correlate to improved performance for your organization.

This disciplined approach can not only help you break through certain sales and marketing barriers, but it can also help to educate your company, providing it with a new, systematic approach to growth.  Most importantly, it will optimize previously underperforming sales and marketing processes and tactics to stop your leaking revenue without increasing your marketing budget.


A sample from the world’s largest library of optimization case studies

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Experiment: Optimized DM to online subscription process

increase in subscriptions

Experiment: Optimized subscription process

growth in subscriptions

Experiment: Optimized lead generation page/form

increase in total leads captured