Research Overview

MECLABS is a science lab that houses two wholly-owned primary research subsidiaries, MarketingExperiments and MarketingSherpa. These research facilities combine each year to produce thousands of empirical insights regarding the entire sales and marketing process. These insights are then published in the form of research briefs, case studies, how-to's, benchmark guides, blog postings, and print media, much of which is published free of charge on our web sites.

MECLABS deploys a rigorous Methodology to conduct research. This research is compiled from:

  • More than 15 years of research partnership with our clients
  • 1,300 experiments
  • Over 1 billion emails
  • 10,000 landing pages tested

The MECLABS research Methodology focuses on real-world Internet marketing challenges and opportunities. By conducting experiments with actual commercial offerings, we uncover relevant, practical insights that enable our Research Partners to discover what works – for their products, with their target customers, in today’s ever-changing marketplace.

The expertise of MECLABS' scientists and analysts is informed by the hundreds of experiments they conduct and participate in each year. Their experiments are informed by these insights, combined with the discipline and wisdom that come from both their formal training in the science of Cognitive Response Optimization and the experience of their prior research.

As technology and culture evolve, MECLABS continues to stay on top of what works best by selecting and collaborating with a small set of organizations capable of responding to and benefiting from increased demand for their products – those with the infrastructure and executional capabilities (e.g., inventory or fulfillment system) that can handle a significant increase in demand.