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MECLABS was the first Internet-based research lab to conduct rigorous experiments on marketing strategy and methods. We’ve tested email, landing page, lead nurturing, and other sales and marketing optimization strategies with hundreds of leading enterprises across the globe for more than 15 years.

We’ve consulted with companies like Johnson & Johnson, The New York Times, 1-800-Flowers, and Bottega Verde to optimize sales and marketing processes and achieve triple-digit ROI gains.

If you think you might be a good fit for our research programs, please tell us a little more about yourself. We'll be in touch to talk about how the MECLABS methodology can help you optimize your sales and marketing funnels.

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A sampling of our Research Partnerships:

These comments are excerpted from over 4,000 responses to our research

"When I think of [MECLABS] the thing that comes to mind that there's specific data that I can share with my manager where I can tell her here's an area where we can improve, here's an area where we're doing really well. And let's take a look at where we can do some tests and make some changes."
Julio Fernandez
Oracle Corporation

"This [Landing Page Handbook] is astonishing and you should read it. It's astonishing because it will tell you very obvious things that you don't know, didn't realize and weren't taking action on. As the person who invented the term Landing Page in 1995 (right after Al Gore invented the internet) I can tell you that we've waited a long, long time for this sort of common sense, hands on, verified info. The bad news is that you are now out of excuses."
Seth Godin

“We just returned from the MarketingSherpa Email Summit where we exhibited the new Blue Sky Factory trade show booth. The sold out event was incredible, a "must go" for anyone who is looking to learn about best practices and the state of the email industry."
Greg Cangialosi
Blue Sky Factory

"The live web clinics are very humbling. I think we're doing a pretty good job. But every time I attend, I realize we could do things much better for our clients. I consider MarketingExperiments my encyclopedia, and parrot the principles I learn every chance I get."
Troy O'Bryan
Response Capture, Inc

"Dr. Flint is the best in the biz, you always walk away with immediately tangible and valuable insight you can takeaway and implement when you get back to the office to improve your results."
Anthony Ginn 
Vertical Response

"This class was one of the best courses I’ve seen for landing page optimization because it didn’t just talk about best practices on how to lay out an effective page.  Instead it went into detail on why particular elements should be on a page, where they should be according to what the visitor is expecting or experiencing, and how the changes affect conversions.  I am very impressed with your work, your thought processes, and your teaching.  I look forward to having more employees in my company experience this class.”
Nancy Lambert

“[MECLABS] offers a depth of information about online marketing and the research to back it up.  They offer a fresh way of thinking that is needed in today's competitive marketing departments."
Jason Smith
Gerber Scientific Products

"Your team is able to break down the art of landing page optimization into a repeatable and measurable process that is actionable and intuitive.  The conversion heuristic is such a great mental model for optimizing landing pages."
Chris Dyer