Leads Group

InTouch is now part of the MECLABS Leads Group

MECLABS Executive Director Brian Carroll is the founder of InTouch (now the MECLABS Leads Group), and author of the popular book, Lead Generation for the Complex Sale (McGraw-Hill). Brian is a popular speaker and leading expert in lead generation. He’s profiled and regularly quoted in numerous publications. His acclaimed B2B Lead Generation Blog (blog.startwithalead.com) is read by thousands each week.

Since 1995, Brian and his Leads Group team have been executing lead generation programs designed to profile sales prospects, uncover viable opportunities and create demand. Core services include teleprospecting, lead qualification, lead nurturing, and lead management.

The Leads Group has years of experience working in complex selling environments and has cultivated the people, process, and technologies needed to give you measurable results and ROI. At MECLABS, we are passionate about lead generation. For this reason, we wrote Lead Generation for the Complex Sale, with a vision to profoundly change the way people think about lead generation by sharing our philosophy, strategies, and proven methodologies.

The MECLABS Leads Group optimizes lead generation ROI by providing the essential human touch that enables your sales people to focus on selling and convert highly qualified leads into revenue. We can help you drive ROI for your lead generation efforts through a scientific approach that is based on our research into how customers buy.

Most engagements begin with an assessment process that leverages benchmarks and scorecards to score and rank an organization’s functional and overall lead generation capabilities, degree of sales and marketing alignment, and operational effectiveness. This process identifies strengths and specific opportunities for improvement.

We then leverage our institutional knowledge and analytic tools, including the world's largest marketing case study database, benchmark data, best practices, and analysis from our collection of thought leaders, to deliver actionable insights that ensure you get maximum ROI for every dollar you invest. Through iterative prototyping, our sales and marketing efforts can be continuously honed, adjusted, refined and improved in our message lab.

We use these messages, combined with the human touch, to serve as a bridge between your sales and marketing organizations. By identifying and nurturing the real opportunities within your pipeline – your sales team can focus on selling while we maximize the potential of your pipeline. Our process ensures that the most lucrative opportunities have the appropriate level of lead nurturing investment.

What Is A Complex Sale?

Businesses that are engaged in long-term sales processes that require prolonged education and nurturing of the prospect, frequently over a 6 to 36 month sales cycle. Many businesses with a complex sale provide solutions to their clients that tend to be sophisticated, designed to solve crucial business issues, and are managed deliberately and with precision.

How Do We Work With Your Leads?

Get in - Identify the right people in the right companies
Stay in - Establish a memorable dialog
Qualify - Ask the right questions
Nurture - Stay engaged with relevant content and timely conversations until they're ready to convert
Optimize - Leverage the value of your leads and inquiries to generate more revenue and ROI

The complex sale presents a set of unique sales and marketing problems that benefits by a shift away from traditional lead generation mind-set to a new way of thinking centered on these basic tenets:

  • More ROI is reaped from the patient tending of potential customers over time.
  • Lead generation is a conversation, not a series of disjointed campaigns.
  • Build relationships with the right people regardless of their timing to buy.
  • Engage people as early in their buying process as possible so you can create and influence their vision.
  • The first impression matters. So does the second. So does every single touch after that. Consistency is the watchword.
  • Sales and Marketing must work together as one team. Seeing each other as internal customers.
  • A multi-modal and multi-touch lead generation portfolio will always outperform marketing tactics that stand alone.
  • Sales and marketing should have a unified understanding and consensus on what the definition of a sales lead is.
  • If used properly, the phone is the single best way to reach decision makers and to begin a dialogue when you have a complex sale.
  • Have a clear set of relevant metrics that can help you measure return on your lead generation investment.
  • Buy-in from sales and marketing as well as executive leadership are critical to the success of any lead generation program.
  • Be willing and prepared to close the loop with every opportunity that is identified.
  • The purpose of marketing is to help the sales team sell.
  • Trusted advisors win more sales than slick brands.
  • Companies don't buy - people do.
  • People often buy on emotion and backfill with logic.