Call for Research Partners

You can achieve significant marketing gains while participating in a field test of the MECLABS research findings

Our average test last year inside of one of the world's largest banks produced a 108% conversion increase. This is not uncommon – many of our partners see triple digit sales increases. In fact, most test protocols in this catalog are the results of field experiments conducted with major partners, such as Johnson & Johnson, The New York Times, Cisco and 1-800-Flowers.
MECLABS Research Catalog

How does the program work?

Rather than depend on universities for grant money, MECLABS partners with key companies and conducts major experiments. The arrangement is simple: you gain significant results (increased conversion, higher-quality leads, more effective campaigns) and we gain valuable data to power our knowledge base. The cost of the research is (often) paid for by the ROI of the increase. Rigorous science can produce a dramatic gain.

Essentially, we create a micro-research lab inside your group and then conduct R&D to improve your marketing results. Companies often invest in R&D on the product side, but rarely on the marketing side, and so their marketing efforts suffer from underperformance.

What research areas are you interested in?

Currently, we are searching for research partners to assist in the following concentrations:

  • Ecommerce performance
  • Subscription growth and retention
  • Lead generation capture and management (including lead nurturing)

Drawing from more than 10,000 path tests, we are able to formulate a design of experiments that increases your understanding of the customer and helps you better predict their behavior. This leads to dramatic improvement.

Will you share my proprietary company information?

Your specific research results are not shared without your permission (we execute a mutual NDA). We are seeking to glean principles not specific points of competitive advantage. You will have control over you data and over the paths or pages we create for you.

What kinds of companies are you looking for?

Less than 10% of the candidates for this program can be approved, but there is a straight-forward application process and we invite you to participate. We prefer to maintain a portfolio of research partners representing both large and medium-sized companies across a diverse group of industries.

How can I find out more about a MECLABS Research Partnership?

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The Research Partner Application Process Overview

The MECLABS Application Review: The team looks for alignment in industry and project focus and potential for growth.

The Sciences Team reviews the data to determine if the initiative fits into our research agenda and provides their recommendation.

The terms of the Research Proposal are agreed upon and the Research Partnership officially begins.

Submit your

We contact you to discuss your application The goal is to get a better understanding of your research challenges and objectives.

MECLABS drafts the research proposal which helps articulate, deliverables, timelines, objectives and costs.

Work begins: The MECLABS Research Team conducts preliminary forensic data analysis, summary competitive analysis and other key deliverables to initiate the research project and gain the 'quick wins' that will fuel the ongoing discovery.