The MECLABS Quarterly Research Digest

Experimentation and Case Study Highlights from the First Quarter of 2013

Every day at MECLABS, we work with Research Partners from around the globe to discover what really works in digital marketing. After 10 years of testing more than 10,000 webpages, we wanted to make it simple for marketers to keep up with our recent experiments and case studies.

The MECLABS Quarterly Research Digest features a selection of our most useful discoveries from Q1 of 2013. The goal of the Research Digest is to provide a simple reference to our latest experiments and case studies from marketers like you.

Its use is limited – we don’t expect it to be a best-seller. But, for the serious practitioner or the interested scholar, it is a window into the work of fellow marketers, and may prove helpful as a starting point for new research and experimentation.

Inside the MECLABS Quarterly Research Digest, you’ll find:

  • 24 MarketingSherpa case studies
  • 37 MarketingSherpa how-to articles
  • 37 MarketingExperiments articles
  • 8 video presentations
  • An interactive, clickable table of contents to help you find the most useful case studies and experiments

About our Research

Over the last 20 years, MECLABS has conducted more than 10,000 web page experiments to understand why people say "yes". This research is obtained through Research Partnerships, where we apply our science and methodology to the websites of companies to achieve customer learnings and increase conversion rates.

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The MECLABS Quarterly Research Digest
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