Pre-Summit Workshop:
Landing Page Optimization

This seven-session course will teach you "what to test" and show you a systematic method for applying the five essential elements of website conversion. You'll learn how to:

  • Motivate page visitors to take action
  • Design landing pages that hold visitors' attention
  • Develop and clearly express your value proposition
  • Analyze results to make further improvements

Once you have taken and passed the final exam, you will be designated as a Certified Professional in Landing Page Optimization

8:00-9:00am Breakfast & Morning Workshop Registration
9:00-11:00am Orientation and Meta-theory, Value Proposition Part I,
Value Proposition Part II, Motivation
Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO & Managing Director, MECLABS
11:00-11:15am Break
11:15am-12:15pm Friction, Incentive
12:15-1:00pm Lunch
1:00-3:00pm Incentive Continued, Anxiety, Process and Examples, Review
3:00-3:15pm Break
3:15-4:00pm Certification Exam
Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS
B2B Summit - Day 1
7:00-8:00am Networking Breakfast & Registration
8:00-8:30am Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO & Managing Director, MECLABS
Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, MarketingSherpa
8:30-9:45am The Web as Living Laboratory: How one B2B marketer used web experimentation to achieve a 90% lift in total leads.
Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO & Managing Director, MECLABS
9:45-10:30am Networking Break
10:30-11:15am 5 B2B Social Media Career Killers...And How To Overcome Them
Eddie Smith
Chief Revenue Officer, Topsy Labs
Chris Baggott
Chairman, Compendium
Nichole Kelly
President, SME Digital
Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS
11:15-12:15pm Add-On Session: Return to Sender – The 5 Step Program to Reaching the Inbox
Tom Sather, Senior Director of Email Research, Return Path
11:15-11:45am Case Study: Transforming "Thought-Leadership" and "Innovation" Into Actionable Results
Lauren Cooney, Sr. Director, Software Marketing & Developer Strategy, Cisco Systems Inc.
Barry Cowan, Sr. Manager of Brand Strategy & Experience, Cisco Systems Inc.
11:45-12:15pm Case Study – Moving "Big Iron" with eMarketing: How Volvo Construction Equipment Uses eMarketing to Fuel Sales
John Johnston, eBusiness Marketing Manager
Volvo Construction Equipment
Justin Bridegan, Senior Marketing Manager, MarketingSherpa
12:15-1:15pm Networking Lunch
1:15-1:45pm Case Study: Mobile Marketing – Juniper Networks QR Code Event Strategy Leads to a Paperless Conference
Helda Lopes
Senior Director, Juniper Networks
1:45-2:30pm Add-On Session – Solve your content crisis: Use Email & Social Media to Accelerate Your Content Marketing
Chris Baggott
Chairman, Compendium
1:45-2:30pm Roundtable Sessions
Sales in the Era of Social Media – Listening for Sales Opportunities & Generating Leads
Nancy Chou, Director of Customer Success, LeadFormix

The Cost of Not Ranking on Page 1 of Google
Paul Taylor, Founder, Webmarketing123

How to Re-utilize Content You Already Have
Frank Dale, Speaker/Entrepreneur/Online Marketer, CEO and President at Compendium

5 Simple Steps to Trigger Marketing
Cathy Howard, Hewlett Packard

Reaching our Customers – Anytime and Anywhere with a Multi-channel Approach!
Dr. Cheemin Bo-Linn, Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer, NetLine Corporation

How 3rd party content marketing can drive engagement, retention and business
Eric Roach, CEO,

5 Tips for Maximizing your Return on Relationship
Ellen Valentine, Product Strategist, Silverpop

How do keep your audience engaged before, during, and after your webinars?
Beth Toeniskoetter, Product Marketing Manager, ReadyTalk

Sales-Aligned Lead Capture – Using an unconventional call-to-action to capture sales worthy leads early in the buyer's cycle
Dale Underwood, Founder, Leadlifter

Lauren Cooney, Sr. Director, Software Marketing & Developer Strategy, Cisco Systems Inc.

Empower Your Events – 5 Ways to Recapture Your Attendees' Attention and Drive Deeper Engagement
Rob Johnson, Managing Director, Lightspeed Marketing Communications
2:30-3:15pm Networking Break
3:15-3:45pm Case Study: Developing a Content Creation Engine No Matter What the Resources
Eric Webb, Sr. Director, Marketing Communications & Brand
Pamela Markey, Director of Marketing & Brand Strategy, MECLABS
3:45-4:15pm Case Study: How to Connect with the C-Suite
Karyn Scott, Director of Enterprise Marketing, Cisco Systems, Inc.
4:15-5:15pm Keynote Address with Q&A – The Nine-second Attention Span: Selling your brand, and yourself, in social media
Keynote Speaker:
Sally Hogshead, Chief Fascination Officer, Fascinate
5:30-7:30pm Networking Cocktail Reception
B2B Summit - Day 2
7:00-8:00am Networking Breakfast
8:00-9:30am Quick Win Clinic: The 4 most critical changes you can make to your landing page right now (an interactive working session)
Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO & Managing Director, MECLABS
9:30-10:00am Case Study – Confessions of a Content Marketer: lessons learned in a 4 year transition from "push" to "pull" marketing
Edwin Jansen, Director of Business Development, Ian Martin Group
10:00-10:45am Networking Break
10:45-11:15am Case Study: HP Uses Behavioral Segmentation for Dynamic Content to Drive Engagement
Cathy Howard
eMarketing Program Manager, Hewlett Packard
David Kirkpatrick
Senior Reporter, MarketingSherpa
11:15am-12:15pm Add-On Session: Optimizing Your Message – Learn strategies to write high-impact copy and CTAs
Todd Lebo, Senior Director of Content & Business Development, MECLABS
Justin Bridegan, Senior Marketing Manager, MECLABS
11:15am-12:15pm Optimizing the Lead: How MECLABS is testing a data-driven optimization process that goes beyond lead capture
Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Revenue Optimization, MECLABS
12:15-1:15pm Networking Lunch
1:15-2:15pm Add-On Session: How Top B2B Companies use CRM and Email to Drive Sales and Serve Customers
Joel Book, Director, eMarketing Research & Education
ExactTarget, Inc.
1:15-1:45pm Case Study: B2B Gamification – How Autodesk used game mechanics for in-trial marketing
Andy Mott, Manager, In-trial Marketing, Autodesk
Dawn Wolfe, Sr. Manager, In-trial Marketing, Autodesk
1:45-2:45pm Case Study: Building Brand Ambassador's from Within Your Organization
Trish Nettleship,
Director, Social Media & Influence, UCB, Inc.
2:15-2:45pm Case Study – How the Marketing Department Can Become a Valued Member of the Sales Team
Kelly Harman
VP of Marketing, Carousel Industries
Todd Lebo, Senior Director of Content & Business Development, MECLABS
2:45-3:15pm Networking Break
3:15-4:15pm Add-On Session – Measuring Link Sharing from the Social Web for Effective SEO
Eddie Smith
Chief Revenue Officer, Topsy Labs
3:15-3:45pm Case Study: 7 Tactics National Instruments Used to Grow High-Quality Sales Leads and Revenue
Joe Rawlinson, Senior e-Commerce Product Manager
National Instruments
Daniel Burstein, Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS
3:45-4:15pm Case Study – How Your Companies' Janitor Failed His Way Forward to Getting More Leads and Closing More Sales Online
Mike Ulwelling, CEO
ServiceMaster Solutions
David Green, Director of Best Practices, MECLABS
4:15-5:15pm Live Optimization and Closing Remarks: A hands-on group evaluation of test ideas for audience-submitted landing pages
Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, CEO & Managing Director, MECLABS
Post-Summit Certification Workshop:
B2B Marketing Advanced Practices

This new B2B certification workshop will teach you how to find and attract quality leads with practical training on automation, scoring, nurturing and analytics. Establish a detailed B2B marketing strategy to increase your contribution to the marketing/sales pipeline. You'll learn how to:

  • Overcome the top challenges facing B2B marketers
  • Create and use buyer personas to target your ideal customers
  • Implement B2B best tactics in content development
  • Take steps to create an effective webinar strategy

"MarketingSherpa B2B Advanced Marketing Certification focuses on what matters; how to effectively attract and qualify leads as well as measure optimize to drive sales. –The FUEL methodology is a practical, multi-channeled approach that is guaranteed to take your B2B marketing and lead generation to the next level."

Brenda Stoltz, Ariad Partners 

Once you have taken and passed the final exam, you will be designated as a Certified Professional in B2B Marketing

8:00 – 9:00am Networking Breakfast & Registration
9:00-9:15am Introductions & Expectations
Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, MarketingSherpa
Kaci Bower, Research Analyst, MarketingSherpa
9:15-9:30am Setting the Stage for B2B Marketing Success
9:30-10:15am FUEL - Building the foundation for your lead generation programs
10:15-10:30am Networking Break
10:30-11:30am FUEL - Mastering essential lead generation
11:30am-12:00pm FUEL - Uncover qualified leads - Part 1
12:00 – 1:00 pm Networking Lunch
1:00-1:45pm FUEL - Uncover qualified leads - Part 2
1:45-2:15pm FUEL - Establishing automated marketing processes
2:15 – 2:30 pm Networking Break
2:30-3:00pm FUEL - Lift results
3:00-3:15pm Review top takeaways to FUEL marketing effectiveness from lead generation to sales conversion
3:15-4:00pm B2B Marketing FUEL certification exam