One-to-One Coaching Clinics

This is one of the most valuable features of B2B Summit 2012

Our goal is for every one of our attendees to leave B2B Summit 2012 armed with great ideas and answers to their most pressing B2B marketing questions. Although the general sessions and post-summit workshop will be very informative, there is nothing quite like advice that is tailored to your specific situation. That's where our one-to-one coaching clinics come in.

We've assembled a team of industry experts that can help you with your unique set of circumstances. This is your chance to get one-to-one advice about your marketing automation program, your lead generation efforts, your content production plan, and more. We urge everyone to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. These clinics are not cleverly disguised sales pitches. They are designed to address your challenges and leave you with actionable ways to improve your marketing efforts.

One-to-one coaching clinics are conducted in half-hour sessions on a first-come, first- served basis. Don't miss out on this crucial component of B2B Summit 2012.

Coaching Clinic Topics:

  1. List Building and Hygiene: A great list is at the heart of every successful B2B marketing program. Learn how to maximize the quality and quantity of your leads and keep your database clean and up-to-date.
  2. Lead Nurturing: Not every lead is sales-ready. Sometimes they are months or even years away from being ready to make a purchase decision. However, an effective lead nurturing system will keep you "top-of-mind" when the time comes. Get advice from our consultants on how to create a first-class nurturing program for your prospects.
  3. Content Creation: Providing relevant, valuable content is a major factor in acquiring leads, nurturing prospects and keeping customers, yet producing this content is a challenge. Get ideas about how you can set up a process for generating great content for your organization.
  4. Conversion/Webpage Optimization: Designing landing pages and email messages that effectively convey your offer, and converting traffic into leads in easier said than done. Let our experts show you the changes you should be making in order to improve and optimize your online marketing presence.
  5. Value Proposition: Crafting an effective value proposition is much harder than it seems. Let our experts help you clearly communicate a company or derivative value proposition that is credible, appealing, and exclusive.
  6. SEO Strategy: While there are 4 billion searches on Google every day, 95% of clicks happen on the first page of results. Search Engine Optimization is about positioning your business in front of every prospect the moment they start searching for your product or solution – before your competitors do. Let our consultants guide you in creating and implementing an SEO strategy that will make a positive impact on your sales pipeline.
  7. Behavioral Marketing: Providing a more personal experience to customers increases campaign and content relevancy. Learn how to effectively utilize marketing automation and behavior analysis to truly understand customers and generate real-time, cross-channel campaigns.
  8. Marketing Automation: There are more tools than ever to help you run effective marketing campaigns. However, the complexity of these systems can make getting an automation system up and running a daunting task. Let our experts show you how to create and maintain an effective program for your situation.