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One-to-One Coaching Clinics

This is one of the most valuable features of Email Summit 2013

Our goal is for each of our Email Summit 2013 attendees to leave with their email questions answered. Although the general sessions and summit workshops will be very informative, there is nothing quite like advice that is tailored to your specific situation. That’s where our one-to-one coaching clinics come in.

We’ve assembled a team of industry experts that can answer your most pressing issues related to email. They’ll meet with you one-to-one in a half-hour session to listen to your challenges and give you valuable advice. These clinics are not cleverly disguised sales pitches. They are designed for you to get the information you need given your unique situation. If you’d like to discuss software, a platform or service issue that is fine too... we’re here to help you get answers!

One-to-one coaching clinics are conducted in half-hour sessions on a first-come, first-served basis. Don’t miss out on this crucial component of Email Summit 2013.

Coaching Clinic Topics:

  1. Email Value Proposition: Crafting a value proposition that effectively answers "Why should I buy from you?" is much harder than it seems. This clinic can help guide your discovery of a company or derivative value proposition that is credible, appealing, and exclusive.
  2. B2B Email: Marketing to business prospects can present unique challenges and quirks that can impact the performance of your email program. Learn effective tactics and get your most pressing questions related to email in the B2B space answered in this clinic.
  3. Email List Growth: List growth is becoming increasingly difficult as more customers opt-out to escape the noise created by poorly executed marketing practices. In this clinic, you can learn how to stay relevant to your ideal customers by creating a successful marketing list that is clean, up-to-date and optimized for maximum conversion.
  4. Email Deliverability: Getting your message to your prospects is growing more complex as your email must pass through an ever-larger array of filters and spam blockers. This clinic can give you tips and answer your questions on how to improve deliverability.
  5. Email Automation: Although there are numerous tools to help you run effective marketing campaigns, the complexity of these systems can make getting your automation campaigns up and running a daunting task. This clinic can show you how to create and maintain a program for your situation that is highly effective and marketer friendly.
  6. Mobile Email Marketing: To stay ahead of your competitors, you cannot afford to overlook mobile marketing. Mobile is a hot topic that is quickly becoming a viable marketing strategy for many organizations. No matter if you’re looking to get started or need help fine-tuning your approach to this trending channel, this clinic can give you actionable pointers to help you increase your mobile ROI.
  7. Email Design and Creative: If you need help creating that perfect email, this is the clinic for you. Get advice on how to design email that will catch your audience’s attention and help generate the best clickthrough rate.
  8. Email Conversion Optimization: An email campaign is only as good as the landing page that serves as the point of conversion for your offer. This clinic will help you formulate test ideas with design and messaging changes to optimize your conversion rate.
  9. Email Measurement and Testing: Are you experiencing problems with measuring and reporting on the effectiveness of your email campaigns? This clinic can help you distill your data in order to track the information that matters most while gaining deeper insights into the behavior of your customers by showing you how to leverage your metrics and analytics to improve your bottom line.
  10. Email Competitive Intelligence: Email marketers can use data to gain insight into their own and competitors’ email programs via new engagement metrics such as read rate, delete unread rate and forward rate. Understand how real email program optimization is and learn what triggers the maximum level of recipient engagement to make your email program best-in-class?
  11. Email Reputation - the sender score: Like a credit score, a Sender Score is an indication of the trustworthiness of an email source. A cooperative reputation network with a simplified view into data that is aggregated from 60 million mailboxes at a variety of ISPs, spam filtering, and security companies determines your reputation. This is the same type of data that mailbox providers use to determine whether to accept or reject email. Learn exactly how your reputation impacts your customer engagement.

To learn more about the companies and individuals that will be providing advice in our coaching clinics, mouse over the information below.

Nathan Thompson
Spencer Whiting
Erin Fagin
Lauren Maki
Ben Huppertz
Cameron Kane
Michael Kelly
Grant Johnson


Dave Walters

Jack Satta


Christopher Barnes
Skip O'Neil
Chad Pollitt

Greg Gould
Tonya Mitchell
Julia Peavy