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One-on-One Coaching Clinics

One of the most valuable features of Email Summit 2014

We've assembled a team of industry experts to answer your most pressing questions related to lead generation. They'll meet with you one-on-one in a half-hour session to listen to your challenges and give you valuable insight. These clinics are free and designed for you to gain the information you need for your unique situation. We're here to help you get answers and actionable takeaways!

These sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis. Don't miss out on this crucial component of your Summit experience!

Our coaching clinic topics were chosen with our four key pillars in mind. Sign up for a coaching clinic topic based on your marketing needs.

Coaching Clinic Topics:

Build & Cleanse

List & Data Management: Find how to efficiently manage your list for the highest relevancy and optimal conversion.

List & Data Growth: Get actionable advice on how to collect the data which builds lists that grow revenue.

List Segmentation: Learn how to engage the right people with the right message and watch conversions skyrocket.

Create & Design

Email Value Proposition: Give them a reason to respond with a value proposition that is credible, appealing and exclusive.

Email Creative & Design: Find out what you can do to create copy and design that motivates opens and action.

Email Conversion Optimization & Testing: Learn what it takes to accurately formulate test ideas, optimize conversion rates, and measure email success.

Deliver & Automate

Email Deliverability & Reputation: Learn exactly how your reputation impacts your customer engagement.

Email Competitive Intelligence: Understand how real email program optimization is and learn what triggers the maximum level of recipient engagement to make your email program best-in-class.

Email Automation: Find out what you need to know and do to select and maintain an email automation system that’s right for your organization.

Email measurement: Learn what to track and how to track it to get insight into customer behavior and improve your bottom line.

Connect & Integrate

Social Media Integration: Learn the key elements to integrate email campaigns into a social-media strategy.

Mobile Email Marketing: Whether you want to fine-tune your approach or want to get started integrating mobile, you’ll get what you need to know to increase your mobile ROI.

Email Nurturing: Find out how to build a nurturing strategy that engages your audience and propels them through the sales cycle faster.

To learn more about the companies and individuals that will be providing advice in our coaching clinics, mouse over the information below.

Brian Banks
John Bilderback
Kara Trivunovic

Karen Talavera
Skip Fidura

April Mullen
Brent Walter
Tony Toubia

Chris Fillion
Marisa Pryor

Mike Hotz
Ryan Hofmann

Julia Peavy
Tonya Mitchell

Dave Walters

Catherine Magoffin

Cheryle Ross
Jack Satta

Ashley Hanania
Ben Huppertz
Emily Rogers
Matthew Hertzman
Rebecca Strally
Spencer Whiting
Taylor Kennedy