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One-to-One Coaching Clinics – Don’t Miss Out!

This is one of the most valuable features of Optimization Summit 2012

Our goal is for every one of our attendees to leave Optimization Summit 2012 armed with great ideas and answers to their most pressing optimization questions. Although the general sessions and pre-summit workshop will be very informative, there is nothing quite like advice that is tailored to your specific situation. That's where our one-to-one coaching clinics come in.

We've assembled a team of industry experts that can help you with your unique set of circumstances. This is your chance to get one-to-one advice about your analytics program, your data, your testing platform, and your landing pages. We urge everyone to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. These clinics are not cleverly disguised sales pitches. They are designed to address your challenges and leave you with actionable ways to improve your marketing efforts.

Consultation Clinic Topics:

  1. Metric & Analytics Setup: If you need advice on how to set up your analytics to capture the information you need to make informed business decisions, this is the topic for you.
  2. Metric & Analytics Interpretation: Sometimes the amount of information that an analytics program delivers can be overwhelming. Let our experts help your determine how to sift through the information and determine what really matters for your company.
  3. Test Setup: So you want to run a test. What type of test should you run? How should you collect data? What is the best metric to determine success? We can help you answer these important questions and more.
  4. Test Validity: Invalid tests are a big problem for marketers, especially since many of them go undetected. This is your chance to get the help you need in determining if the tests you are running are giving you accurate results.
  5. Value Proposition: Conversion is an uphill battle if you do not have an effective value proposition. Oftentimes companies have a value proposition but do not convey it to their prospects effectively. Get help in determining how your strong your value proposition is and how it can be improved.
  6. Conversion Optimization: Maybe you know what to test and how to set up your test, but do you know what changes to make in order to produce the best results? Let our experts help you determine which changes to which elements of your page or process are likely to produce the best result.
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