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Learn to apply the new science of optimization

Web Optimization Summit is an annual event for marketers interested in learning how to apply conversion rate optimization principles to enhance performance through their digital channels.

Discover how marketers from American Express,, VMware and Publishers Clearing House among others are using conversion rate optimization to dramatically increase revenue without spending money to attract more online visitors.

Come dive into the latest topics and case studies taught by e-commerce and subscription-based marketers relating to:

  • Landing page optimization
  • A/B split testing
  • Value proposition messaging
  • Conversion tracking and data analysis

Why attend Web Optimization Summit 2014 instead of any other marketing conference?

This event is vendor-agnostic, meaning there will be no sales pitches from speakers on stage. Our content team reviewed more than 65 speaking applications to select the most practical case studies for the Summit audience.

Get specific takeaways built into sessions such as how to:

  1. Determine the most important campaign metrics (KPIs)
  2. Use social gaming to attract potential customers
  3. Create a full testing and optimization strategy, from PPC to SEO
  4. Track ROI for small and large tests
  5. Gain trust and increase customer satisfaction with operational transparency
  6. Identify elements with a negative effect on conversion rates
  7. Customize webpages based on a user’s path and customer segment

Get ideas and inspiration from leaders, practitioners, academics and optimization experts focused on discovering what works and what doesn’t at organizations like:

Get hands-on help from optimization experts specific to your webpage

Some marketing conferences can feel overwhelming due to the volume of people, which can make it difficult to have a real conversation about the problems you’re facing in your marketing campaigns. Web Optimization Summit 2014 offers free one-on-one coaching clinics with MECLABS optimization experts, a service many top marketing organizations normally pay thousands of dollars to receive. Attendees will be able to get unbiased testing and optimization advice with step-by-step execution plans from third-party experts.

Collaborate with other e-commerce and subscription-based marketers about common challenges and solutions

Aside from case study presentations, attendees will have the opportunity to connect with each other during roundtable discussions on both Wednesday and Thursday. Roundtable sessions are comprised of 8-10 marketers including a moderator tackling and solving common challenges such as:

  • What unanticipated validity threats should marketers be aware of?
  • How do you make the most of an inconclusive test?
  • What test planning techniques can help you build an experiment roadmap?
  • How do you create a culture of testing in your organization?
  • Can content marketing be tested?
  • Which page elements have the largest impact on Web optimization?
  • How can marketers make Web optimization a priority in their organization?
  • What can marketers learn from copy testing?
  • How should marketers use a website to convey value proposition?
  • How can e-commerce companies optimize websites?
  • How can newspapers optimize websites?
  • How can subscription-based businesses optimize websites?

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