Integrating mobile campaigns for the complex sale

The deployment of mobile marketing is on the rise. Rapid advances in mobile marketing, the growing utilization of mobile apps, the proliferation of the iPad and tablet PCs all signal that mobile is the next major channel marketers need to know.

According to a recent Pew research study, 87% of smartphone owners access the Internet or email on their handheld, including two-thirds (68%) who do so on a typical day. Is mobile marketing the next must-do marketing tactic, or do the mechanics of mobile and the nature of the complex sale disqualify these campaigns from effectively deploying mobile strategies? Despite user's engagement with their phones, mobile strategy is still in early adoption phase. According to MarketingSherpa research, only 48% of businesses have a mobile version of their website, and only 19% have separate mobile campaigns.

In this session, our panel of experts will explore how to integrate mobile marketing strategies with more traditional email marketing outreach in complex sales cycles. We will review how to drive engagement and asses the ROI of mobile strategies, as well as how to align your existing marketing strategies for the dawning era of mobile.