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Online Course: Online Testing

MECLABS Online Testing Course

Learn a proven methodology for executing effective and valid experiments for increased marketing ROI

Improve your online testing skills, increase your company's revenue, and advance your career with the MECLABS Online Testing course.

This course covers highly valuable material including:

  • Before and after results from tests we've run using our proven testing methodology

  • Key principles for conducting successful online tests - what constitutes a valid sample size, the right test design, how to interpret your results and more

  • Tools that will help you design effective tests for your own existing pages

  • A process for implementing an iterative testing program that will boost website ROI for your company

  •  NEW HD Video Format

Your certification will identify you as a respected authority in the field of online testing

While more and more marketers are recognizing the need to systematically test their new ideas, few have ever received serious, relevant training in online experimentation. In fact, the average MBA program teaches very little about online testing.

Today, many marketers are not aware of what constitutes a valid sample size, they are confused over the best test design, and they have serious questions about interpreting their test results.

What's more... the online testing community has grown so fast, it has not had time to develop a set of Professional Standards and Best Practices.


Watch an overview of all the sessions in the Online Testing course:

The newly-released Online Testing Certification Course is full of enhanced sessions, new real-world research, a testing tool and proven methods for achieving the greatest improvement in conversion.


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Learn how we designed and validated tests that achieved an 816% increase in conversion

For the past five years, MECLABS has been developing the optimum methodology for online experimentation. Working with both large and small research partners like The New York Times, Reuters, and, the lab has tested more than 1 million keywords, 20 million email messages, and 100,000 order paths.

Through this rigorous process, our researchers have codified a set of simple principles and formulas that can help an organization run quick, efficient, money-saving microtests. The MECLABS Online Testing Course will cover the key principles for conducting successful online tests. Here is a sample of what the course sessions will cover:

  • Test Methodology
  • Test Validity
  • Test Planning
  • Test Metrics
  • Test Interpretation

Our Online, On-Demand Courses are Convenient

  • Students get access to the MECLABS Learning Lab 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • You can view, rewind, fast-forward, or review each course session any time
  • Questions? Get support from our research analysts and staff via email and on our blog

The cost of your certification could be easily recovered with the results of your first test!