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How to Use Webinars to Drive Content Marketing 30 Minute Marketer

MarketingSherpa's 30-Minute Marketer:
How to Use Webinars to Drive Content Marketing

13 quick tactics for including webinars in your marketing strategy

How to Use Webinars to Drive Content Marketing includes:

  • Why webinars should be a part of your marketing strategy
  • How to make sure your webinar topics interests your audience
  • Tips for promoting your webinar
  • Ways to capitalize on post-event interest
  • 9 pages and 2 charts

Using Webinars to Drive Content Marketing

A webinar is the perfect blend of a whitepaper and a live event. You can convey important material in a more dynamic way than on a written page—but without asking attendees (or your staff) to invest the time and expense of traveling to a live event. In a webinar, you can use video, graphics, and even interactive elements to get the audience excited about the material. Once they're engaged, you can then direct them to your other content resources.

MECLABS hosts a wealth of webinars, so be sure to check out the resources section at the end of this report for a link to a behind-the-scenes look at our Web events.

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