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Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report

MarketingSherpa 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report

Research and insights on maximizing the ROI of your website traffic

The 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report includes:

  • 173 charts and analytical commentary
  • Research from 2,673 B2B and B2C marketers
  • Special sections on LPO tactics, testing, actionable metrics, budgeting and ROI
  • Testing methodologies and learning resources
  • Marketer insights on optimization tactics
  • 17 page elements optimized in 2010
  • Marketer insights on identifying optimization opportunities
  • Key Findings: Website objectives,transactional data, test validation and more
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Published May, 2011

Research on How to Maximize the ROI of Your Website Traffic

Marketers know that one of the fastest ways to increase sales is to optimize landing pages. Landing page optimization (LPO) has gained momentum of late, because it provides opportunities for marketers to improve performance — not only of their webpages, but also of related marketing activities that drive traffic, from search and email to social media.

With the cost of Web measurement analytical tools decreasing along with added LPO thought leaders and emerging testing experts, marketers are now able to justify increasing their investment into LPO. After a decade of optimization practices systematically applied by marketers to their landing pages, it's now not uncommon for LPO savvy marketers to get triple-digit conversion rates.

MarketingSherpa’s first-ever LPO benchmark report examines the new LPO landscape, and analyzes how the use and integration of landing page optimization and testing have evolved.

In the 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report you’ll receive a comprehensive reference guide, containing more than 170 charts with analytical commentary, hundreds of informative insights from your peers, several case studies of real-life optimization projects, and more.

This 233-page report gives you an unprecedented view into the practices, preferences, failures and successes of your peers—assembled to help you learn, plan, and understand your organization’s relative stance compared to your competitors and marketers in general.

9 Highlights of This Study

  • Challenges faced by LPO, with respect to expertise gaps, and operational and political issues
  • Effectiveness of optimizing specific pages, and relative gains for pages that were tested
  • How organizations are allocating LPO budgets and how these allocations are changing
  • Staffing related to LPO and the popularity of functions performed by employees vs. consultants
  • Usage, effectiveness, and difficulty of common LPO tactics and specific page elements
  • Usage and effectiveness of landing pages with respect to specific types of inbound traffic
  • Metrics used to analyze LPO effectiveness and perform testing
  • Popularity and availability of agency services in LPO and testing
  • Testing methodologies and learning resources

Special Sections: Optimization insights, tactics, and charts

The 2011 Landing Page Optimization Benchmark Report is comprised of more than just data. This all-new report gives you analysis and insight on topics to help you make both strategic decisions to develop or grow the LPO practice, and tactical choices that deliver maximum return on investment in LPO:

  • Most important LPO-related learning experience in 2010
  • CMO Insights: Essential skills for new LOP related hires
  • Overcoming top challenges in LPO in 2011
  • Key LPO Tools: Web analytics and testing platforms
  • Identifying optimization opportunties with funnel analysis
  • Segmenting traffic results in maximizing the conversion rate
  • Marketer's Insight: Page-specific LPO tactics
  • Testing eliminates guessing from executive decision making