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Social Marketing Benchmark Report

MarketingSherpa's 2011 Social Marketing Benchmark Report

Research and insights on the monetization of social marketing for ROI

The 2011 Social Marketing Benchmark Report includes:

  • 142 charts and analytical commentary
  • Research from 3,342 B2B and B2C marketers
  • Special sections on CMO perspectives on social marketing ROI, monitoring and budgeting
  • Top tactics and platforms for effective social marketing, integration and social CRM
  • Success Stories: Six campaigns that increased sales
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Published April, 2011

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Social Marketing Delivers ROI

As social media’s impact on marketing continues to grow and evolve strategic organizations are now finding ways to monetize the channel. Not long ago social media was defined in terms of “awareness” and “engagement,” this is no longer the case. Marketers now are not only projecting ROI, they are delivering it through social media integration, brand awareness, converting members and followers into paying customers, and developing an effective social marketing strategy.

MarketingSherpa’s third annual social media marketing benchmark examines how these organizations are overcoming the challenge of social media monetization, and details which strategies have proven to be most effective for achieving this important objective.

In the all-new 2011 Social Marketing Benchmark Report you’ll receive a comprehensive reference guide containing nearly 150 charts with analytical commentary, hundreds of informative insights from your peers, several case studies of real-life social marketing campaigns and more.

Key findings from the 2011 Social Marketing Benchmark Report include:

  • CMO priorities have changed – now it’s “show me the money”
  • Spending projections stack up to last year’s substantial increases
  • "Fast and easy" often trumps social marketing effectiveness
  • Social CRM integration an early stage strategy with momentum

This 209-page report helps you gain a deeper knowledge of the key issues, ranging from social media monitoring, budgeting, top tactics, and platforms for effective social marketing.

7 Highlights of this Year’s Study

  • Strategic priorities of CMOs and senior marketing executives for social marketing
  • Why the most important objectives for social marketing address the most difficult challenges
  • Values and costs organizations are using to calculate the ROI of social marketing
  • How organizations are allocating social media budgets and where these budgets reside
  • The usage, effectiveness and difficulty of social marketing tactics and platforms
  • How marketers are integrating social media with other tactics in the inbound marketing mix
  • How agencies view their clients’ social marketing efforts

Special Sections: New social insights, tactics, and charts

The 2011 Social Marketing Benchmark Report is comprised of more than just data. This all-new report gives you analysis and insight on topics critical to the future success of social marketers:

  • Social marketing programs averaging 95% ROI
  • Tools and solutions to measure the impact of social marketing
  • Social marketing budgets averaging 11%
  • Best social media platforms used for executing tactics
  • Social media and search optimization – inbound marketing’s powerful pair
  • Users measuring the customer impact of their SCRM solution
  • Online forum brand building and giveaway offer gets 83% CTR
  • Agency perspectives: Clients increasing social marketing spending up to 50%