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Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report

MarketingSherpa's 2012 Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report:

Keys to Developing an Effective Mobile Program in Your Organization

The 2012 Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report includes:

  • More than 1,300 companies surveyed
  • 286 ready-to-use slides for powering your next presentation, proposal or business case
  • 230 charts with analytical commentary
  • Action steps to identify opportunities for growth and build an engaging mobile program
  • Comprehensive information needed to compare an organization's practices and performance to the rest of the industry



Show how mobile marketing can boost ROI in 2013

The correct use of mobile marketing has turned into an essential avenue for connecting with customers. When done effectively the use of mobile gives marketers a unique way to not only reach customers right where they communicate, but right when they are most inclined to accept messaging.

This 2012 study analyzed engagement in the channel by evaluating data from more than 1,300 companies. The resulting mobile report, MarketingSherpa's 2012 Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report, provides you with what you need to perform in the mobile market with confidence and vision. The mobile benchmark gives you the ability to: challenge the status quo within your organization, identify opportunities for growth, and build engaging mobile programs that convert targets.

Nokia's Tomi Ahonen at Mobile Web Africa recently said, "The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day, or once every six-and-a-half minutes of every waking hour."

    This report will help you take advantage of this user frequency by showing you:

  • How marketers use mobile technology to improve their customer theory for engaging, converting and better serving their audiences
  • Mobile challenges and successes in planning, implementing and managing their mobile program
  • Critical industry-wide trends in four key areas: The Market, The Message, The Medium and The Marketer
  • Data for supporting marketing performance evaluations

What mobile marketing will look like in 2013

The entire buyer dynamic has changed. One touch on a smartphone touchscreen, or of a PayPal app, allows for a prospect to convert. It is important to note that the mobile-fueled buyer cycle is not identical across the board. Steps and tactics can change drastically from industry to industry. This was not lost on the MarketingSherpa research team, and this non-commissioned benchmark survey yielded comprehensive "plug-and-go" data visualizations for speaking to your organization's specific situations. The mobile marketing charts and research within include cross-referenced verticals and includes breakdowns by B2B, B2C, company size, industry and annual revenue. But, across the board, mobile marketing should start to saturate objectives and necessitate increased budgets.

11 Questions Answered by the 2012 Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report

  1. How can I determine if mobile is right for my business when data about my target audiences is limited?
  2. How do I track and gain insight into how my customers are using new mobile tools so I can meet their preferences and drive conversions?
  3. How do I determine how mobile products and services fit into my business model(s) to reinforce our value proposition(s)?
  4. How are marketers changing their business model to accommodate the ever-evolving mobile consumer?
  5. How do marketers develop an effective mobile strategy with little (or no) experience in mobile marketing?
  6. How do marketers determine their mobile marketing priorities to fit limited budgets and resources to ensure conversion?
  7. How do marketers build the internal infrastructure with IT, marketing and sales to implement a mobile strategy and who will lead the initiative within the department?
  8. How many organizations actually use mobile marketing techniques, and get tangible results?
  9. How do marketers integrate and leverage new mobile tools with their other online and offline marketing tactics?
  10. How do marketers measure their mobile campaign effectiveness?
  11. How do marketers develop a process to innovative and adapt to rapid changes in technology and customer expectations?

New audience-inspired benchmark format for better application

With learning and optimization at our core, we are constantly looking to elevate our customers' experience. To that end, this title is the first in a series of newly formatted benchmarks. We learned from interaction with our buyers that the overwhelming majority used our data to:

  • Answer questions from business management and clients
  • Gain budget approval
  • Win new clients

This usage usually took the form of a presentation. For practicality and ease, we are now delivering our benchmark reports in a customer-inspired PowerPoint format. Our approach to gathering valuable data and insights has not changed and we will continue to be as thorough as possible. The 2012 Mobile Marketing Benchmark Report's insights will not only help you to develop and optimize an effective mobile marketing strategy, but these insights are now delivered in the most practical, pertinent, and customer-centric format.

The insights from 1,372 companies will show you opportunities for producing successful mobile marketing campaigns in 2013.