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Search Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition

MarketingSherpa's 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition

Research and insights on extending the capabilities of paid search

The 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition includes:

  • 125 charts and analytical commentary
  • 1,530 surveyed marketers used
  • PPC success stories, monitoring and tracking metrics, inbound marketing leads, mobile and local search
  • Special sections on: PPC tactics, strategies, analytics, LPO benchmark data, and more
  • How redesigning PPC ads and landing page increased CTR 54%
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Published August, 2011

Extending PPC Capabilities: Social, local and mobile search

Generating higher traffic (at least in the short term) has always been a PPC speciality. To help drive traffic, marketers with empty sales pipelines, limited-time offers, or seasonal promtions, continuly use PPC to push traffic or move the needle when demand is high.

However, what's lacking from most paid search campaigns is the untapped area of opportunity found in social, local and mobile search tactics. For example, a recent survey of 1,530 B2B and B2C marketers found that only 48% of organizations enhance their basic listings with images or custom details – and only 20% of organizations have added videos to their listings. That's a lot of missed opportunity.

By utilizing tactics such as Google Boost, location and phone ad extensions, mobile websites, images and videos. Marketers can now extend their reach to a different audience - and very specific type of user, giving searchers more of what they want, when they want it.

In the 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report – PPC Edition, you'll find several new case studies (on what is and isn't working) in real-life paid search marketing campaigns. This 177-page report helps you get more out of your paid search efforts - by aligning your top challenges to the most effective PPC tactics. Get answers to these questions:

  1. How can I effectively use social, local and mobile paid search?
  2. What can I do to improve my monitoring and tracking metrics?
  3. How can I find ways to increase your inbound marketing leads?
  4. What analytic tools are most widely used to optimize PPC performance?
  5. What insights do agencies have on improving quality scores?

PPC Marketing Insights from Your Peers

One of the key takeaways from the report are the PPC marketing insights from your peers. You'll gain a better understanding of the top challenges and objectives from many different perspectives from measuring ROI, increasing Web traffic, lead generation and more.

  • “Our primary objective for PPC is traffic generation, and we focus as closely as possible on maintaining a low CPC. We live and die for the long tail.”
  • “We use PPC to analyze traffic potential for SEO. We don't use PPC as a marketing tool in itself.”
  • "We create Ad Groups based on new products that we are releasing, as well as for category pages on our site."
  • "Test ROI and campaign messaging with Google AdWords before expanding to other PPC venues such as Bing, Shopzilla etc. We use PPC to measure the conversion success of targeted terms to product offerings and have specific ROI goals."
  • "Keyword research, then cost analysis, then landing page design/development...measure, measure, measure."

More Key Questions Answered in Our Latest Study

  1. How do you create an effective highly-targeted ad group?
  2. What impact does split testing on landing pages have on your PPC campaigns?
  3. How can you use PPC analytics to capitalize on daily performance trends?
  4. How are marketers overcoming the PPC challenges hampering effectives over the last 12 months?
  5. How can I improve my lead quality with paid search?
  6. Are PPC budgets expected to stay the same or grow?
  7. How much does an inbound lead cost on average?

Search Marketing Success Stories: New PPC tactics, strategies and charts

The 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition is more than just data. This report is a comprehensive reference guide containing more than 125 charts with analytical commentary, hundreds of informative insights from your peers, and more. It also features a special section on landing page optimization with analysis and insight on topics critical to the future success of paid search marketing:

  • Learning from an unsuccessful PPC campaign
  • Using PPC analytics to capitalize on daily performance trends
  • Outsourcing PPC Campaigns increases conversions 400%
  • Designing custom landing pages increases leads by 88%
  • Improving conversions with landing page tests
  • Using sitelinks to lift clickthrough rates 14%
  • Redesigning PPC ads and landing page increases CTR

Key findings from the 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition include:

  • The alignment of paid search marketing objectives against the most difficult challenges
  • The usage, effectiveness and level of effort required for PPC tactics
  • How organizations are allocating marketing dollars, and where they are shifting their efforts
  • What marketers are doing to prosper in local and mobile PPC
  • Most effective advertising networks and ad formats
  • How agencies contribute to their clients’ PPC marketing efforts