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2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report

See what's new in email marketing practices for 2013

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Introducing the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report

From the 1,095 marketers who participated in our survey, we were able to determine the following:

  • The volume of emails currently sent by marketers
  • New developments expected to affect email marketers in 2013
  • Organizational perception of email marketing
  • Estimated ROI from email efforts
  • How email fits into 2013 marketing budgets
  • Marketers top email goals and challenges
  • 209 ready-to-use slides

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Drive effective email marketing planning and execution in 2013

Even with a tactic as mature as email marketing, marketers are still somewhat divided about the best way to get customers to engage with their emails. Though they are on the right path, journeying away from blind email blasts and towards segmented lists, many are still working to effectively segment, automate, and test.

Even though email is viewed by a majority as a strong producer of ROI, less than 30% of marketers sent post-purchase follow-ups, less than 15% sent re-engagements, and less than 10% sent shopping cart abandonment reminders.


See trends that relate specifically to your organization, alongside a view of the industry as a whole

According to the new MarketingSherpa 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, there are certain trends that can be identified over the course of this study. This report will look at emerging trends within:

  • Mobile and new developments will affect your email marketing program
  • Email scope within overall marketing budgets
  • Metrics tracked and average rates
  • Deliverability improvement practices 
  • Estimated ROI from email
  • Email send volume
  • Email testing practices
  • Automation tactics
  • List growth

We learned, from more than 1,000 organizations that participated in the study, marketers are not just continuing to use email as a main channel. They are still learning about the tactic, and are expanding upon their original email goals, allocating more resources towards their 2013 email efforts.


What is the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report, and who needs it?

MarketingSherpa Benchmark Reports are quick-reference guides for marketers who want more than baseless speculation or biased, product-pushing whitepapers.

This report is a snapshot of where email marketing currently stands, and acts as a springboard for brand-side marketers and agencies to advance their programs with confidence. This report gives them the ability to:

  • See where they or their clients are measuring up
  • Know what their competitors are NOT doing
  • Present data visualizations in presentations for
  • Gaining budget approval
  • Creating memorable proposals
  • Winning and/or keeping clients

This new report will focus your efforts in four different areas: The Market, where email fits into the market as a whole; The Message, how marketers are communicating with their target markets; The Medium, how organizations are using email to achieve their goals; and The Marketer, what is being done with testing, mobile renders, optimization, and volume of sends at the marketer level.

If you’re serious about developing and optimizing your email marketing strategy, the 2013 Email Marketing Benchmark Report is designed to usher you into that phase.


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