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Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report

The 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report

See how fellow marketers choose metrics, define ROI and turn marketing analytics into actionable items.

Introducing the MarketingSherpa 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report
This report includes:

  • More than 1,131 companies surveyed
  • 325 ready-to-use slides for powering your next presentation, fueling a proposal or making a business case
  • 426 charts with methodical commentary
  • Non-commissioned and unbiased research insights into marketing analytics opportunities

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Insights for helping plan you or your clients marketing analytics for 2013

Marketing analytics finally give organizations an accurate way to correlate numbers to actual results. Now, with tracking in place, each step inside their funnel can be measured and analyzed. From this, marketing budgets can then be allocated more effectively, and confident actions can be taken within specified channels.

Proper use of marketing analytics is critical for understanding and growing of customers. The fact is, setting tracking and collecting data is just the very first step. To be as effective as possible with your marketing campaigns, you must first balance the granular extent of your marketing analytics with their efficient and accurate application.

As more and more companies employ tracking technologies to higher capacities, the importance of marketing analytics becomes even more pivotal.

First-ever MarketingSherpa Marketing Analytics Report: What it is … and what it isn’t

This is the first ever report MarketingSherpa has produced on marketing analytics. This is a tremendous step, and it truly reflects the maturity and relevance analytics has found within marketing.

This Benchmark Report will provide you with research visualizations and insights for setting, running and acting on the results of an optimized marketing analytics program.

What the marketing analytics report isn't:

  • It is not a thought-leadership piece on marketing analytics best practices.

    MarketingSherpa Benchmark Reports are accurate depictions of the topic area fueled by extensive research studies.
  • It is not a guide on how to use a specific brand’s platform.

    MarketingSherpa remains vendor-agnostic across all the events and products made available on the Training Site.

What the marketing analytics report is:

  • It is a way for agencies, brand-side marketers and CMOs to see how their company's budgets and current marketing analytics programs stack up next to the rest of the industry.
  • It is 325 ready-to-use slides filled with hard facts marketers need to show value to C-suites, and make informed decisions within their own processes.

Who is the 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report for?

  • Those who are interested in seeing the importance of data collection from all levels of marketing
  • Individuals wanting to see the capability of marketers to analyze data
  • Marketers who have budget as a hurdle in their own marketing analytics implementation and expansion
  • Those who want to turn raw numbers into actionable data
  • Brand-side marketers and agencies who need to know what percentage of the total budget is going to analytics
  • Practitioners interested in the level of effectiveness for each source being use
  • Marketers wanting to know what factors most influence an organization's investment in marketing analytics

What marketers need from marketing analytics in 2013

According to the report, 37% of marketers see an advanced analysis of customer behavior as the key to making their efforts substantially more effective.

Marketing Analytics Sample Chart

12 Questions the 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report has answers to

*Benchmark data is broken out by specific company type, customer type, vertical/industry, and company size.

  1. What is the extent of analytic tools usage within marketing organizations?
  2. How do marketers leverage analytics to gain marketing insights?
  3. Which marketing analytical tools are being used?
  4. Which analytical marketing processes are top objectives for your organization in the next 12 months?
  5. What are marketers’ greatest challenges to effective use of marketing analytics?
  6. How do marketers use their analytics platforms beyond the default (out of the box) setup to track message performance?
  7. How do marketers use cookie data to provide more customized messaging on your website?
  8. Which of the following social metrics do marketing organizations ROUTINELY track?
  9. How do marketers quantify the economic value of website conversions?
  10. What metrics are being tracked and analyzed?
  11. How do marketers track content, social, SEO, PPC, video, display, and email marketing metrics?
  12. What are the satisfaction levels for the analytics tools relevant to each of these areas?

New audience-inspired benchmark format for better application

At MarketingSherpa, and our parent company MECLABS, learning and optimization is at the core of everything we do. This is precisely why we constantly look into our customers’ experiences. To this end, the 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report is part of a series of newly formatted publications. We learned from interaction with our buyers that the overwhelming majority used our data to:

  • Answer questions from business management and clients
  • Gain budget approval
  • Win new clients

This usage usually took the form of a presentation. For practicality and ease, we now deliver our Benchmark Reports in a customer-inspired PowerPoint format. Our approach to gathering valuable data and insights has not changed, and we will continue to be as thorough as possible.

The 2013 Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report’s insights will not only help you to develop and optimize an effective marketing analytics strategy, but these insights are now delivered in the most practical, pertinent and customer-centric format.

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