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Laser-focused how-to ideas on the latest tactics and innovations – ideal for busy marketing professionals

You wish you had an extra day in the week to read about the latest developments in marketing. But warping time and space is not in your marketing budget. MarketingSherpa alone releases over 20 different newsletters each month, so it's easy to get behind on your reading.

Our Quick Guides are the solution. About twice every month, we go through the most interesting material on a single topic, find additional information and resources, and publish a report that you can read over lunch with time to spare.

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Quick Guides are:

  • Highly-focused on particular topic
  • Full of how-to ideas for a specific marketing tactic
  • Great for getting actionable ideas with a minimal time investment

Use our convenient slider tool below to browse through our Quick Guides titles and find tactics that fit into your marketing plan.

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