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Browse by Topic - Email MarketingIn-depth research and how-to guides to give you the insight on how to optimize your marketing efforts

Need to boost your conversion rates? Looking for ideas on what to test on your landing pages? For over 10 years, we’ve been helping marketers answer their most challenging questions regarding optimization. Our library of case studies spans 1,300 experiments, more than 1 billion emails tested and more than 10,000 landing pages optimized.

We have three types of publications offering differing types of assistance for optimization:

  • Benchmarks – get up-to-date optimization research, charts with analytical commentary and informative insights from your peers to help you prepare budgets and make informed business decisions
  • Special Reports – highly-focused research and data in specific areas of what is working and not working in optimization
  • Handbooks - real-life case studies, methodologies, best practices, worksheets and data to help you plan, launch and maintain a successful email marketing program
  • 30 Minute Marketers – laser-focused how-to ideas on the latest optimization tactics and innovations in areas like improving conversion rates, SEO of YouTube content and more

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