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CMO Perspectives on B2B Marketing Automation Special Report

MarketingSherpa Special Report:
CMO Perspectives on B2B Marketing Automation

Strategies for automating the Marketing-Sales pipeline

The CMO Perspectives on B2B Marketing Automation Special Report includes:

  • 297 senior marketers surveyed
  • 12 pages of CMO data
  • Analysis of the CMOs optimization process
  • CMO Marketing-Sales pipelines
  • Greatest challenges for the CMO
  • Marketing automation KPIs for the CMO
  • Recommended actions on lead scoring and nurturing
Published November, 2010

Research from the CMO Perspective

In the special report you will find in-depth analysis of the processes CMOs use to optimize their marketing-sales pipelines, as well as implementation of software applications that enable their automation.

This 12-page report also provides marketing executives with concise research, insights and actionable advice, derived from unique market segments, for guiding strategic marketing decisions.

B2B Marketing Challenges are Increasingly Pertinent

There have been new challenges to CMOs in the last year, including consumer empowerment through social media, and the increased expectations with limited resources resulting from volatile economic conditions over the last twelve months.

This report analyzes these challenges, along with others including marketing to a growing number of individuals involved in the buying process and marketing to a lengthening sales cycle, and you will learn how establishing and optimizing automated marketing processes supports CMOs in combating these challenges of increasing importance.