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CMO Perspectives on Social Marketing ROI Special Report

MarketingSherpa Special Report:
CMO Perspectives on Social Marketing ROI

A strategy for monetizing social media marketing and measuring ROI

The CMO Perspectives on Social Marketing ROI Special Report includes:

  • 760 chief marketers surveyed
  • 13 pages of CMO data
  • Top strategic priorities and perceptions
  • Calculating the ROI of social media marketing
  • Metrics, values and costs associated with ROI
  • Recommended actions on monetizing and measuring ROI
Published June, 2011

CMO Insights into social media monetization

In this 13-page special report, find out how CMOs are overcoming the challenge of social media monetization, their perception of social marketing’s ability to produce ROI, and how they are measuring it.

In the 2011 Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report, we found that many organizations in the Strategic phase of social marketing maturity are monetizing this channel. The CMOs in these organizations are not only promising ROI, they're delivering it.

Measuring the financial ROI of social media requires considerable discipline, strategies, procedures and a dedicated management system to track and capture the required cost and value information. While this report will focus on a strategy for monetizing this channel, we acknowledge that social media delivers many immeasurable benefits. Successful social marketing must align with all corporate and branding objectives, not just ROI.

CMO Priorities Have Changed: Now it’s “show me the money”

Among the top priorities of CMOs are measurable factors directly related to the monetization of social media efforts in 2011. These include:

  • Achieving or increasing measurable ROI from social marketing programs
  • Converting social media members, followers, etc., into paying customers
  • Achieving or increasing measurable lead generation from social marketing programs
  • Improving the cost efficiency of customer support programs

This report also provides marketing executives with concise research and actionable advice, derived from unique market segments, for guiding strategic marketing decisions.