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CMO Perspectives on the Complex Sale Special Report

MarketingSherpa Special Report:
CMO Perspective on the Complex Sale

Developing cross-functional strategies to accelerate sales pipleline performance

The CMO Perspectives on the Complex Sale Special Report includes:

  • 297 senior marketers surveyed
  • 14 pages of CMO data
  • Dissecting the complex sale
  • Lengthening sales cycles and growing committees
  • Greatest challenges confronting CMOs
  • Recommended actions on cross-functional strategies
Published February, 2011

The Complex Sale is a Reality for Many CMOs

In the special report, you will find in-depth strategies CMOs use, including lead qualification, scoring, nurturing, and defining the funnel for the complex sale.

This 14-page report also provides marketing executives with concise research, insights and actionable advice, derived from unique market segments, for guiding strategic marketing decisions.

Dissecting the Complex Sale

Many organizations are experiencing what is known as a complex sale, or a long-term sales process that often involves selling multiple parties in order to win one new sale. Sales processes of this nature require sophisticated, cross-functional strategies involving both Marketing and Sales teams to accelerate sales pipeline performance.

Any organization can have a complex sales cycle, as it is not highly specific to any product, service or market. Organizations that experience a complex sale typically sell products or services that require a substantial amount of prospect education, ample budgets, or both. If the purchase is critical to the business or impacts the highest organizational level of the buyer, this will also lead to a complex sale.

Overcoming Challenges

Now, aside from generating a high volume of qualified leads, CMOs are greatly challenged with marketing to lengthening sales cycles and a growing number of individuals involved in the buying process. In this report, we’ll identify just how long those sales cycles are, how many individuals are involved in the buying process, and how CMOs can combat these challenges.