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Evaluating Website Optimization Special Report

MarketingSherpa Special Report:
Evaluating Website Optimization

How to outline the analytic tools and strategies that produce the most insights

Evaluating Website Optimization Special Report includes:

  • Why data matters
  • Using data to find low-hanging fruit
  • Segmenting your site traffic
  • Selecting analytic tools and solutions
  • Generating reports
  • A case study showing custom-designed landing pages that increased leads by 88%
  • 26 pages, 6 charts, 2 worksheets

A Tactical Approach to Evaluating Website Optimization

With its potential to deliver dramatic gains in online ROI, website optimization is a growing focus for marketers. An important step in realizing website optimization is evaluating your website optimization process, using analytic tracking tools and ongoing testing to monitor the digital "footprints" that people leave along their online path.

Deployed correctly, data analysis allows marketers to harness this unprecedented consumer insight, and to use this material to design websites that precisely address the needs of their ideal client.

Learn how to track the ROI of your Website Optimization

Website optimization can measurably change your company's overall bottom line, yet more than 50% of marketers do not know how to track the ROI of their website optimization strategies.

This Special Report addresses this challenge. We present the value of a data-driven culture, detail which data to track, and outline which analytic tools and strategies produce the most meaningful insights into your website optimization campaigns.

As you go through this report, remember that data is the grounding force in website optimization and the benefits of comprehensive data review cannot be overstated. It is the language that optimizers use to evaluate the ROI of their online strategies, and to communicate the success of these strategies to the C-suite.