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Work alongside research analysts and data scientists to discover how to better serve your customers while also maximizing your revenue.

Work with MECLABS research analysts to increase your company's revenue

You can work side-by-side with MECLABS research analysts to learn what your customers really want through a Research Partnership

Ask the right questions to increase conversion:

MECLABS was created to answer questions like these using a methodological approach to behavioral testing of customer interactions. We offer this service through Research Partnerships to help companies apply these discoveries to everything from marketing campaigns to entire website overhauls.


Our research has been funded by:

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Combining the scientific method with bottom-line business concerns

As a marketer or business leader, you are likely not familiar with terms like "friction testing" or "heuristic-based marketing." However, you do have fundamental questions that, if reliably answered, would give you the insights to create marketing campaigns, websites, products and business strategy products that would better serve customers and increase ROI. Questions like:

With MECLABS Research Partnerships, we work with marketing and business leaders to apply scientific inquiry to your marketing campaigns, leveraging the evidence derived from the study of your customers to help you create a better-performing marketing department, website and overall enterprise with measurable results to prove it.

A patented, heuristics-based approach to marketing and conversion optimization

While other areas of the business have leveraged techniques and tools for process improvement, from Six Sigma to Agile software development, marketing organizations have tended to rely on the same star performers with the "golden gut."

MECLABS 10 patented heuristics have created a repeatable methodology for offer-response optimization – the continuous practice of:

MECLABS research managers document these findings for Research Partners in a Test Protocol system that attempts to bring discipline to the behavioral testing process. The Test Protocol system integrates a Design of Experiments with data tracking and validation calculations in the experiment to ensure these findings are a true understanding of customer behavior.

Understand customers and increase sales

Our organization has been involved in direct Research Partnerships with financial, ecommerce, publishing, manufacturing and SaaS companies throughout Europe and North America since 2001. In that time, we've used this scientific approach to cull insights from 1,500 validated tests to understand why customers say "yes."

By creating a customer-first science based on the cognitive psychology of conversion, we've been able to help companies ranging from startups to Fortune 50 companies improve conversion and better serve customers – for example, helping The New York Times increase subscriptions 1,052% and NetSuite generate 272% more leads.

How a Research Partnership works

While each Research Partnership is customized to meet the unique opportunities and challenges faced by the Partner, the methodology is similar across all Partnerships and includes:

We also leverage our data sciences, technology and design groups for companies lacking the internal capacity to put these discoveries into action, helping Research Partners with everything from transactional data analysis to entire website overhauls, including:

How we respond to your Research Partner inquiry

By completing the "request more information" form, you can being a process to assess if a MECLABS Research Partnership could help your company learn more about its customers and improve ROI.

After you complete the form:

  1. We will notify you that we received your inquiry.
  2. A senior research analyst will review your information and contact you to answer your questions and to determine if there is a possible fit between our research calendar and your research needs.
  3. We move into a two-step review process where we conduct preliminary research that will help both parties determine if we should begin a project together.

Research Partnership Frequently Asked Questions

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