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MarketingSherpa Membership

Join our community today and get more research, how-to information and member-only perks

We are dedicated to providing marketers with actionable research and are one of the most trusted sources of timely and targeted information for marketers around the globe.

Recently, we made all of our articles open to the public. We've also upgraded our membership option to include free access to all Special Reports and Quick Guides and an automatic 20% off all other publications, workshops and Summits.

MarketingSherpa Membership
Special Report

10+ Special Reports FREE for members
($970+ if purchased separately)

With multiple research studies always underway at MarketingSherpa, sometimes certain topics deserve a deeper look. Special Reports are an outgrowth of our Benchmark Reports and Handbooks, offering a more focused look at specific areas of marketing that cannot be covered as in-depth as in our larger publications.

Typically fewer than 15 pages in length, these reports contain a wealth of insights, yet keep it brief for the busy marketer. Our members get each and every Special Report for free (they are normally $97 in our store). That's more than $970 worth of research included for free as part of your membership.

Quick Guide

Quick Guides – FREE for members
(normally $47 each in our store)

You wish you had an extra day in the week to read about the latest developments in marketing. But warping time and space is not in your marketing budget. MarketingSherpa alone releases over 20 different newsletters each month, so it's easy to get behind on your reading.

Our Quick Guides are the solution. About twice every month, we go through the most interesting material on a single topic, find additional information and resources, and publish a report that you can read over lunch with time to spare.

20 Percent Discount

20% discount on everything!

Information is power, and marketers spend thousands of dollars every year on MarketingSherpa publications, workshops, and Summits. Simply put: If you are going to attend one of our Summits and perhaps buy a few books, this discount alone would pay for all the other membership perks.

This 20% discount can be applied to everything in our store, and applies in addition to any other promotions or discounts applicable at the time of purchase. However, only two discounts can be applied to an order at one time.

Special Report

Member-exclusive Librarian service

It's easy to get mired in keyword search and be overwhelmed by all the case studies, how-to articles, print publications, newsletters and other research on the MarketingSherpa site. To help our members find the right resources and get the answers they need, we've added a new member-only Librarian service. Need to know about specific area of marketing? No problem...if we've got research on the topic, our experts will help you find it.

30 Minute Marketer

Exclusive member-only perks

From time-to-time, we will inform you of special member-only perks – things like special deals, member-only webinars, roundtable breakfasts at Summits and more. You are valuable to us and we'll show our appreciation with unique benefits just for you.

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