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Online Course: Social Marketing ROAD Map

MarketingSherpa's Social Marketing ROAD Map Online Course

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Social media has created an exciting and challenging world of new possibilities for marketers. But many marketers are exploring this unfamiliar terrain without a compass – or strategy – to guide them. Captivated by the hype and the ease of implementing social sites, many are ignoring proven marketing principles. They are launching social media marketing initiatives by creating blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts without any plan or purpose.

But a momentous change is taking place in the use of social media for marketing purposes. Social marketing is maturing to the point where the mainstream is now transitioning from the trial-and-error tactical phase of the learning curve to the Strategic phase. Marketers are learning to begin their social marketing initiatives by researching the medium and monitoring target audiences to determine realistic objectives. Then they formulate tactical plans and roll out the social platforms required by the plan.

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  • Instruction for mapping your social strategy
  • Insights on what to monitor and tools to use
  • Guidance toward defining objectives and identifying metrics (so you can prove success)
  • Tactics for the effective use of social media platforms
  • Steps to integrate social marketing with search and email

The Strategic Solution - Sherpa's Social Marketing ROAD Map

To help in ascending the steep learning curve, marketers need a practical method for mapping their social media strategy. They need to develop a coherent process for achieving objectives that can be easily and routinely performed. MarketingSherpa’s Social Marketing ROAD Map Strategy Online Course was created to fulfill this need.

ROAD is an acronym representing the following four chronological stages of our social marketing methodology:

  • Research—Gather intelligence on target audiences, social use and competition
  • Objectives—Define objectives based on target audiences and social metrics
  • Actions—Create a social marketing strategy with a tactical plan of action
  • Tactics for the effective use of social media platforms
  • Devices—Select platforms that fit social marketing architecture and tactics
Social Marketing ROAD Map

Based on this methodology, our online course gives you step-by-step guidance toward mapping your social marketing strategy through each of the four phases. The course is filled with research-based insights on proven practices, hands-on exercises and real life success stories from marketers like you.

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Once you've completed all sessions, you will be eligible to take the Online Certification Exam. If you are able to pass this important test, you will gain MarketingSherpa Social Marketing Certification, including the use of our digital seal for your website or resume.

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All students receive FREE copy of MarketingSherpa's Social Marketing ROAD Map Handbook (a $397 value)

You'll receive a FREE copy to be used as a valuable reference tool. The SOcial Marketing Road Map Handbook is a step-by-step guide to mapping your social marketing strategy.

Your handbook includes:

  • 27 real-world examples of what works
  • 11 case studies from leading companies
  • 20 charts and tables
  • 3 special reports
  • 9 checklists and worksheets
  • Special Section: Search and Social