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A Strategic Approach to Lead Scoring and Nurturing Special Report

MarketingSherpa Special Report:
A Strategic Approach to Lead Scoring and Nurturing

Applying lead scoring and nurturing strategies to impact sales pipeline performance

The A Strategic Approach to Lead Scoring and Nurturing Special Report includes:

  • Most effective inbound marketing tactics
  • 12 pages of top strategies in lead scoring and nurturing
  • 7 charts with expert analysis
  • Case Briefing: Lead scoring and nurturing campaign impacts revenue performance
  • Tips on improving relevance with optimal lead nurturing frequency
  • Recommended Actions: Advanced scoring methodologies
Published August, 2011

B2B Buyers' Habits are Shifting

B2B buying processes have changed for good. Today’s B2B buyers prefer to educate themselves on a product or solution with the ocean of information readily available to them online, before they engage with Sales. Peer recommendations and opinions are highly valued, and messaging that comes directly from companies is received with more skepticism than ever before.

Because of this monumental shift, B2B marketers have been forced to adapt their strategies in order to effectively convert modern prospects into buyers. Content is currency to convert leads, and thought leadership is critical to build trust.

Inbound Marketing Tactics are Gaining Traction

Inbound marketing tactics have served as an excellent tool for B2B marketers to generate leads. Through search engine optimization, pay-per-click and social media, organizations increase the visibility of their company websites and content to prospects who are researching solutions online.

In this 12-page Special Report, we will examine key industry trends in lead generation. We also dive into the various lead scoring and nurturing strategies that B2B organizations are applying in order to protect marketing investments, impact sales pipeline performance and succeed in this new environment. Finally, you will receive recommended actions and CMO perspectives on lead scoring and nurturing strategies.