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About Us

About UsAbout MECLABS

MECLABS is a science lab that uses real-world research and training to help business leaders get better use out of sales and marketing technology and resources, including Internet marketing, website optimization, and lead management. We have been involved in direct research partnerships with companies throughout Europe and North America since 2001.

MECLABS deploys a rigorous Methodology to conduct research. This research is compiled from:

  • More than 10 years of research partnership with our clients
  • 1,300 experiments
  • Over 1 billion emails
  • 10,000 landing pages tested
  • 5 million telephone calls
  • 500,000 decision maker conversations

MECLABS has consulted with companies like Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, The New York Times, 1-800-Flowers, and NetSuite to optimize sales and marketing processes and achieve triple-digit ROI gains.

About MarketingSherpa

MarketingSherpa is a primary research facility, wholly-owned by MECLABS, dedicated to determining what works in marketing via exclusive case studies, surveys, and results data analysis. Then we publish what we learn so our community of marketers and weekly readers can improve their results and train their teams.

Praised by The Economist, Harvard Business School’s Working Knowledge Site and, MarketingSherpa is distinguished by offering practical, results-based marketing information researched and written by a staff of in-house reporters.

MarketingSherpa features:

  • Best Practices: 1,000+ brand-side marketer Case Studies & 3,500+ Creative Samples
  • Research: 2,000+ marketing and research abstracts
  • Instruction: 800+ How-to's
  • Newsletters: 230,000+ marketers read weekly case studies on topics such as email, search, social, lead generation, lead nurturing, optimization and content marketing
  • Training: 100+ live, hands-on training sessions providing practical and proven solutions
  • Summits: 3 annual vendor-neutral, research-based marketing events

Our name 'Sherpa' refers admiringly to the Sherpas of Nepal who guide climbers up Mount Everest. Our goal is to be your friendly native guides who help make your tough climb toward great marketing results easier by handing you research on 'what works'.

About MarketingExperiments

MarketingExperiments is a primary research facility, wholly-owned by MECLABS, with a simple (but not easy) seven-word mission statement: To discover what really works in optimization. We focus all of our experimentation on optimizing marketing communications. To that end, our Conversion Group tests every conceivable approach and we publish the results (at no charge) in the MarketingExperiments Journal.

MarketingExperiments was the first internet-based research facility to conduct experiments in optimizing sales and marketing processes. Today, with multiple optimization indices and formulas, and with the MarketingExperimentsLab™ technology, the Conversion Group is forging research partnerships with key companies such as The New York Times,, and Johnson & Johnson. These partnerships are driving more breakthrough discoveries and have enabled MarketingExperiments to develop the world’s largest collection of optimization-related research briefs and case studies.

  1. MarketingExperiments releases a portion of the research to our Subscribers (through the MarketingExperiments Journal and our web clinics).
  2. The Training Group teaches our research findings to our certification students (and helps them become experts in Landing Page Optimization, Email Messaging Optimization, and Online Testing Optimization).
  3. The Conversion Group conducts joint experiments with our Research Partners (and helps them optimize their subscription, lead-gen, advertising, or ecommerce offers). This completes a virtuous circle that allows us to make new discoveries in optimization and publish those findings via MarketingExperiments.

To ensure a consistently high level of scientific rigor in this experimentation, the MarketingExperiments team employs a rigorous Methodology to help analyze real-world data and reveal further discoveries.