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Online Course: Online Testing


Online TestingAside from being ready for designing and executing online experiments, all students will have the opportunity to take the Online Testing Certification exam. Once you have taken and passed the final exam, you will be designated as a Certified Professional in Online Testing. Here are some of the many ways that certification can help you:

  • Increase your value in both your organization and the industry
  • Stand out from your peers with your professional certification
  • Demonstrate you have the knowledge and skills needed for optimization
  • Advance your career by adding Fundamentals of Online Testing Certification to your credentials

Exam Details

Throughout the online course you will learn key terms, techniques, and strategies in preparation for the exam. Exams will be graded by our team and you will receive results within two business days.

Exam Guarantee

Course registrants who do not pass the exam will be provided another opportunity to review the materials and retake the test.

Certification Details

Upon successful completion of the exam, your certification will last for 18 months. At the end of this period of time, alumni may obtain re-certification. If the course material has not changed, there is a minimal re-certification charge for re-taking the exam to insure continued knowledge of the course material. If the course has been substantially updated with new information, alumni can re-certify by taking the new course at a discount and passing the updated exam. Our goal is to insure that our certification students are knowledgeable in the most current and proven strategies for online marketing.